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Project XSK

What Is XSK?


Project XSK is a compatible environment for applications based on SAP HANA Extended Application Services (XS).

You can deploy it separately from a SAP HANA instance as a Docker container on Kubernetes, on Cloud Foundry, or even locally in standalone mode. The compatibility stack is an extension of the Eclipse Dirigible cloud development platform.

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XSK - Migration Architecture

Comparison with Other Solutions

Aspect XSK Others Description
No code modifications Preserving the existing artifacts and APIs
No change of development model No further education needed
Single-step guided migration Wizard-based migration assistant is built-in
Complete end-to-end stack Covers all the features in a single distribution
Can be deployed anywhere Kubernetes, Kyma, Docker, Cloud Foundry, Buildpack, XSA, and on your PC
Zero-cost migration No additional cost for the migration itself as well as the running cost is expected to be less
Open source Entirely open source and free

Who Uses It?

If you have an existing SAP HANA Extended Application Services (XS classic application), which currently runs on your SAP HANA database and you want to scale it out horizontally on a hyperscaler of your choice, XSK is your solution! It also provides the migration tooling for transferring the application code from your existing SAP HANA. By preserving the existing artifacts, APIs and development model, you can leverage your existing knowledge and experience to continue running existing applications and even to build new ones, if you want.

Is It Free?

XSK is an open source project provided by SAP on GitHub. It is under the Apache 2.0 License. You can help us improve the project by following the Contribution Guidelines and creating issues.


You can find all the different distributions of the XSK project at along with the instructions how to deploy them on the target platforms.

Contact Us

We run the project in compliance with the high standard of transparency and openness. In case of questions or suggestions you are welcome to our public discussions space. We have a public Slack channel as well.