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$.import namespace provides means for importing server-side JavaScript library artifacts. These are design-time artifacts located in the repository. JavaScript library design-time artifacts have the suffix *.xsjslib.


Sample Usage


If you want to use sample usage code, file structure of project in your workspace browser should look like this:


// Import .xsjslib to our file using $.import api ("package","library")
// In our case package equals to "sap.myapp.lib"

let mathlib = $.import("sap.myapp.lib","math");

let square = mathlib.square(6);
let multiply = mathlib.multiply(4,9);
let division = mathlib.division(9,3);

let result = `Square is: ${square}`;
result += `\nMultiply is: ${multiply}`;
result += `\nDivision is: ${division}`;

function square(x) {
    return x * x;

function multiply(x, y) {
    return x * y;

function division(x, y) {
    return x / y;


Name type Description
package string The name of the package in which the library object is located
library string The name of the library object in the repository (without the suffix .xsjslib)