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Welcome to the community page for contributors! Here you will find resources to help you create even better documentation for XSK.

Contributor Guide

XSK is an open source project, which means that you can propose contributions by sending pull requests through GitHub.

Before you get started, here are some prerequisites that you need to complete:

You must be aware of the Apache License (which describes contributions) and accept the Developer Certificate of Origin. This is common practice in major Open Source projects. To make this process as simple as possible, we are using CLA assistant for individual contributions. CLA assistant is an open source tool that integrates with GitHub very well and enables a one-click experience for accepting the CLA.

For more information see the Contributor Guide.

Style Guide

In this section we have outlined text stylizing options and for what elements they should be used. If everyone follows it, we will have visually consistent documentation.


How it looks as text: Bold Text

How it looks in markdown: **Bold Text**

Use it for:

  • UI elements

    File Names

  • Navigation paths

    File Names


How it looks as text: Monospace Text

How it looks in markdown: `Monospace Text`

Use it for:

  • File names and extensions

    File Names File Names

  • Terms

    File Names

  • File paths

    File Names


How it looks as text: Monospace/Bold Text

How it looks in markdown: **`Monospace/Bold Text`**

Use it for:

  • User input

    User Input User Input


How it looks:


  • Use Heading 1 for the titles
  • Heading 2 is for main topics
  • Continue with Heading 3 and 4 where needed
  • Structure your topic with no more than 3 heading levels(heading 2, 3 and 4)

Join the Discussion

Reach out to other contributors and join in the discussion around project XSK at our public discussions space in GitHub.

In case you want to participate to the regular meetings such as plannings and reviews, let us know.