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Create Delivery Units

A delivery unit (DU) is a group of transportable packages that contain objects used for content delivery. You can use the SAP HANA Application Lifecycle Management to create a DU for your application content or your software component.

SAP Help Portal

For more information, see Create a Delivery Unit.


To create a delivery unit with the SAP HANA Application Lifecycle Management, you must ensure the following prerequisites are met:

  • You have access to an SAP HANA system.
  • You have the privileges granted by a role based on the SAP HANA sap.hana.xs.lm.roles::Administrator user role template.
  • The vendor ID is defined for the DU; the vendor ID defines the repository namespace in which the new DU resides.


You use a DU to transport the design-time objects that are stored in the SAP HANA repository between two systems, for example, from a development system to a consolidation system. To create a new delivery unit using the SAP HANA application lifecycle management, perform the following steps.


  • Open SAP HANA Application Lifecycle Management.

    • SAP HANA Application Lifecycle Management is available on the SAP HANA XS Web server at the following URL: http://<WebServerHost>:80<SAPHANAinstance>/sap/hana/XS/lm

  • Choose the PRODUCTS tab.

  • Choose the Delivery Units tab.

  • Choose Create.
  • The New Delivery Unit dialog box appears.

  • Enter details for the new DU.

  • When entering details, note the following points:

    • Name

      This field is mandatory and you must follow strict naming conventions. For example, you must use capital letters.

    • Vendor

      This field is mandatory. However, you cannot enter a vendor here. The box is populated by the value you enter when defining the vendor in the SETTINGS tab.

    • Version

      Version numbers must take the form #.#.#, for example, 1.0.5, where:

      • 1 - the DU version number.
      • 0 - the support package version (if required).
      • 5 - the patch version (if required).


      The numbers you enter here refer to the application component that you are developing. The numbers do not refer to the patch or service-pack level deployed on the SAP HANA server.

  • Choose Create.

    The new delivery unit is added to the SAP HANA repository in the namespace specified by the vendor ID and the application path.

  • Check the status bar at the bottom of the browser window for error messages.

  • Choose the message link to display the message text.