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This page lists the HANA artifacts and whether they are supported by XSK.


SAP HANA Cloud HDI Artifact types

For more information on the HDI artifacts in SAP HANA Cloud, see SAP Help Portal.


Object Type Supported
analyticprivilege (SAP Help Portal) Yes (HDI-only)
calculationview Yes (HDI-only)
hdbafllangprocedure No (missing in HANA Cloud)
hdbanalyticprivilege Yes (HDI-only)
hdbapplicationtime Yes (HDI-only)
hdbcalculationview Yes (HDI-only)
hdbcds Yes
hdbcollection Yes (HDI-only)
hdbcollectionindex Yes (HDI-only)
hdbconstraint Yes (HDI-only)
hdbcopyonly Yes (HDI-only)
hdbdropcreatetable Yes (HDI-only)
hdbeshconfig Yes (HDI-only)
hdbflowgraph Yes (HDI-only)
hdbfulltextindex No (missing in HANA Cloud)
hdbfunction Yes
hdbgraphworkspace Yes (HDI-only)
hdbindex Yes (HDI-only)
hdblibrary Yes (HDI-only)
hdblogicalschema Yes (HDI-only)
hdbmigrationtable Yes (HDI-only)
hdbprocedure Yes
hdbprojectionview Yes (HDI-only)
hdbremotetable No (missing in HANA Cloud)
hdbreptask Yes (HDI-only)
hdbresultcache Yes (HDI-only)
hdbrmjob No (missing in HANA Cloud)
hdbrole Yes
hdbscalarfunction Yes
hdbsearchruleset Yes (HDI-only)
hdbsequence Yes
hdbstatistics Yes (HDI-only)
hdbstructuredprivilege Yes (HDI-only)
hdbsynonym Yes
hdbsystemversioning Yes (HDI-only)
hdbtable Yes
hdbtablefunction Yes
hdbtabletype Yes
hdbtextconfig No (missing in HANA Cloud)
hdbti Yes
hdbtextdict No (missing in HANA Cloud)
hdbtextdictionary No (missing in HANA Cloud)
hdbtextinclude No (missing in HANA Cloud)
hdbtextlexicon No (missing in HANA Cloud)
hdbtextminingconfig No (missing in HANA Cloud)
hdbtextrule No (missing in HANA Cloud)
hdbview Yes
hdbvirtualfunction Yes (HDI-only)
hdbvirtualfunctionpackage Yes (HDI-only)
hdbvirtualpackage Yes (HDI-only)
hdbvirtualprocedure Yes (HDI-only)
hdbvirtualtable Yes (HDI-only)
procedure Yes
searchruleset Yes (HDI-only)
tags Yes (HDI-only)
textminingconfig No (missing in HANA Cloud)
xsaccess Yes
xsprivileges Yes
xshttpdest Yes
xsjob Yes
xsjs Yes
xsjslib Yes
xsodata Yes